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At New Covenant, we believe in the power of teamwork. The Most High has blessed us all with tremendous gifts and natural abilities so that we may use them to bless Him and edify His Kingdom here on Earth. Come learn more about the variety of ministries active within New Covenant, it won't take long for you to find somewhere to fit in!

Music Ministry

The Music Ministryconsists of the The Angelic Choir, Praise Team, Male Chorus, Mass Choir. Music plays a vital role in our church’s worship, discipleship, and outreach. We want our worship services to be Christ-exalting, transformational, and display the unity of the Spirit. We strive for a balanced array of music that includes hymns, spirituals, classic and contemporary gospel.


Rehearsal Schedule(s):

Angelic Choir: 1st & 4th Sabbath after Morning Worship 

Praise Team: 1st & 3rd Thursdays @ 6pm

Male Chorus: Tuesdays @ 7pm

Mass Choir: Thursdays @ 7pm

Sabbath School

The Church exists for the purpose of providing a thoroughly Christ-centered, Bible-believing, educational program to prepare students to be firmly rooted in the Word of the Most High and its ability to transform their lives.


Saturday Mornings @ 9:30AM

Book Shelf
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Usher Board

The mission of the Usher Ministry is to accommodate congregants who enter the church with a seat in the most pleasant and efficient manner possible as well as ensure that each member is safe and the sanctuary is setup for worship.

Meeting Time:

1st and 3rd Monday of each Month @ 7PM

Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry brings women of all ages together “the sisterhood” for fellowship, growth and outreach to share the message of God's love.


Every 1st Monday of the Month @ 6PM

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Flower Arrangement
Pastoral Support Ministry

The purpose of the Pastor’s Support Ministry is to show appreciation to Pastor for his leadership and spiritual guidance by providing assistance to the pastor and family as needed, as he fulfills the vision that has been given to him for the church.


Every last Tuesday of the Month @ 6PM

RDM Praise Dancers

The mission of the Praise Dance Ministry is to praise and worship the Lord through the God-given gift of dance. The Dance ministry seeks to touch the lives of people in such a way to bring about change, encouragement and/or conversion in their lives.

Dancer in Blue
Religious Objects
Marriage Ministry

Our mission is to help married people cultivate healthy and thriving marriages. The ministry also provides opportunities for couples to fellowship and share their life lessons and experiences.

Mighty Pillars of Christ

Mighty Pillars of Christ. Christ-centered fraternity for boys helps to build up character and confidence as they develop and grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rock Balancing
Video Camera
Communications Ministry

The Communications Ministry reaches the congregation and our community through media in order to inspire, inform, and invite participation in the mission and purposes of the Church through worship projection, management of the online Church, social networking, public relations and other special projects.

New Members Ministry

The New Members Ministry welcomes new members and helps them assimilate into the church family as well as connect persons, gifts, talents, and interests to a church ministry.

Meeting: Every Sabbath, except 1st Sabbath, immediately following Morning Worship in Classroom #1

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Men's Ministry

The Men’s Ministry brings men of all ages together “the brotherhood” for fellowship, growth and outreach to share the message of God's love.

Meeting Time:

8AM Coffee and Donuts every 3rd Sabbath of the Month on the lower level


Christ-centered sorority for girls helps to build up character and confidence as they develop and grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Victory Wide Awake

The Victory Wide Awake Ministry supports the church through various fundraising efforts and other special projects.

Meeting Time:

Every 1st Sabbath After Morning Worship


The greeters provide a positive first impression for guests and a “glad to see you again” feeling for regular attendees of the church. Greeters have a key role in setting a welcoming tone for the church.

Girlfriends in God

Girlfriends and God young women’s ministry provides opportunities for young women to share their faith journey with others and to uplift and encourage other young women to develop a deeper faith and relationship with the Lord.

Outreach and Evangelism Ministry

The primary function of the Mission, Outreach and Evangelism ministries is to spread the Gospel message and do the work of the church. This is done by deeds of love, kindness as well as by verbal communication. Helping elderly and needy, visiting and ministering to the sick and incarcerated are a significant part of its mission.

Live Stream Broadcast
Richard D. McCreary II 
Scholarship Committee

The charge of the Scholarship Committee is to engage in fund raising, oversee the annual scholarship and to ensure the timely and fair disposition of scholarships.

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